30 Before 30 Bucket List

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I mentioned my bucket list of things I'd like to do before my 30th birthday in June.  I made this list on my phone about four months ago and it's been pretty fluid.  I've added things, taken away entire items, and made some more realistic.  For example, at first I said I would do 30 new athletic feats.  Ha!  I've lowered that to five.

In case you've pursued your own bucket list or are thinking of creating one, I've shared mine below.  Next to most of them, I'll write where I'm at in the process of completing them.  I'd love to get more ideas from you as well!

1) Ten Family Hikes: 1) Rock City; 2) Redwoods at Santa Cruz; 3) Castle Rock

2) Read 30 Books: 1) Fault in Our Stars; 2) One more Thing; 3) Finding Audrey; 4) Girl on a Train; 5) What Alice Forgot; 6) Why is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me; 7) My Story; 8) This is a Story of a Marriage; 9) Gone Girl; 10) Stories On My Way Home; 11) Yes, Please;

3) Finish Three Online Classes: I've signed up for four, two of them are from 7 months ago. Oops! Illustrator; Photography; Beginning Sewing; Intermediate Sewing

4) Start a Blog: !!!!!!! To be honest, right after I finished my post last night and worked out some blog design issues, I went to bed and told my husband, "I'm over it already.  I might delete the blog tomorrow."  Ha!  But, I've decided to keep this up until my birthday and go from there.

5) Bike Ride: My friend and her husband bike centuries for fun on the weekend.  I'd like to go on one shorter--much shorter--ride with her!

6) Go to Alcatraz: I've lived in the Bay Area for 8 years and I have yet to go.

7) Make/bake 30 New Things: What I've made so far... 1) peach pie; 2) Tartine's brownies; 3) breakfast casserole; 4) Reese's cheesecake; 5) roast; 6) ref enchiladas; 7) balsamic grilled chicken; 8) peanut butter caramel cookie bars; 9)dark chocolate granola bites; 10) pumpkin cookies; 11) granola--recipe with ginger; 12) classic cheesecake; 12) apple caramel pie; 13) breadsticks; 15) peanut butter s'more cake; 16) apple cheesecake bars; 17) dark chocolate ganache Oreo pie;

8) Make a Dress

9) Do Ten New Activities with Kids: 1) trampoline place; 2) Museum of Curiosity in UT; 3) Exploratorium in SF; 4) Discovery Kingdom with family; 5) Saw Christmas Lights in Alameda;

10) Try Five New Ice Cream Shops: Failing miserably with this one...

11) 30 Dates with Brad: 1) Phantom of the Operah; 2) Parent night at the preschool; 3) Barnes and Noble; 4) Mexican food and back to the future; 5) Sushi; 6) running date and Whole Foods pastries; 7) Rocket Summer concert; 8) Dinner at Twigs; 9) Star Wars; 10) Family date (anniversary) to California Pizza Kitchen and Barnes and Noble;

12) Family Day in SF

13) Go to 10 New Restaurants: 1) Slider Bar; 2) El Molina; 3) Oyami Sushi; 4) Twigs; 5) Denica's; 6) Black Bear Diner;

14) Take a "Mom Day"

15) 10 New Athlete Feats/Adventures/Something New: 1) Barre3 online workouts; 2) Family runs; 3) Rock City as family; 4) New gym and new strength training; 5) Planned a 5K; 6) Podium finish for half marathon;

16) Adult Museum Trip with Brad or Whole Family

17) Visit Stinson Beach/Other Beach: We did a beach at Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz, but no swimming.  Might need to decide if that counts or not.

18) Make a Photo Album: Soooooo many pictures on our computer; none properly documented for our family.  My goal is to do one year at a time, starting with 2015.

19) Go to the LDS Temple 10 Times: Labor Day; December 8th; January 7th;

20) Stay at Grand America: This one will likely be replaced...

21) Go on a Zip Line OR Go to Amusement Park: We went to Discovery Kingdom over Christmas...  Might count that!

22) Re-read the Book of Mormon

23) Discover Our State!  Family Trip to a New Place (for us!) in CA: Thinking Big Sur...

24) Learn How to Watercolor

25) Eat at a Nice Restaurant with Brad: My parents let us use a gift card they had to a restaurant while we visited in UT.  Might count that...

--completed goals--

26) Run a New Race: Ran the Walnut Creek Half!

27) Go On an Overnighter with Brad: We made it a staycation and went to a local hotel.  Our first overnighter in 8 years of marriage!

28) Go to a Concert with Brad: We went to Rocket Summer and I seriously had a spiritual experience.  LOVED IT!  First concert I've ever been to that I wasn't ready for it to be over, because I'm a wuss when it comes to standing for long period of time.

29) Eat Sushi with Brad: Check!  Made that part of our Overnighter.

30) Berkeley Slides with Kids: Check!

Phew, that was looooong!  Kudos to you if you read any portion of that.  Any recommendations?  What Must-Dos am I missing?


  1. Hi Monica! Have you been to Fentons Ice Cream Shop on Piedmont Ave in Oakland. It's great! SUPER popular and usually always a line if you go during rush hour so if you are with children go during an off time. Like a weekday. :-)


  2. Lottie's ice cream in Walnut Creek is the best! If you haven't been you should!

  3. Burma superstar is a must restaurant! Maybe you went in alameda though? And have you been to the SF Creamery in WC yet for ice cream? Yummmm...

  4. Love this Monica! If you ever need an ice cream buddy, I got your back! Also, if you try biking I would love to join. I love mountain biking but have yet to try road. 30 goals is amazing! Fun way to create our own adventures and progress. I did something similar last year where I just said yes to most anything I would normally say no to. Fun memories were made and I learned how brave or sissy I actually was. (Only thing I failed at was skydiving. I was strapped in and walked away.) -Eliza


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