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Friday, January 15, 2016

You know when you spill your guts on the Internet and then later wonder, "What the crap was I thinking?!"

Oh . . . you don't?

Well, that's very much what I'm feeling right now.  So lucky for you, this post is going to be my shortest yet!

I didn't have the greatest week cooking (terrible stir fry, I'm looking at you!), so all I can only recommend two things:

First, is this no-bake, incredible, amazingly rich pie.

I originally found it via Love Taza, but the geniuses behind it are these amazing people.  Word to the wise, make the caramel low and slow.  And don't scrape the sides when you're stirring or pouring it into the crust!  It's delicious even if the caramel crystalizes, as it did the first time I made it; but when you make the caramel right it. is. everything.

You're going to want to make this ASAP.

Second, I totally want everyone to try these Sparkling Ice drinks that my parents got me hooked on to.  "Natural"--whatever that means--diet soda water.  I found them at Safeway, my parents found them at Smith's; I'm betting most grocery stores have them.  This is what I drink instead of alcohol when I feel like "I need a drink."  Does the trick!  (In all fairness, I don't have any thing to compare it to.)  Black Raspberry is my favorite.



  1. All of your posts have been so great that many of us readers can relate to. I would probably feel that way too though so I understand your feeling. Keep posting though, I LOVE reading them. And I also love those ice drinks. One day I'll give up the poison and maybe drink something like this more then Diet Coke. It's so bad for me. Anyhow, carry on! :)

  2. Thank you Emily! Diet Coke might be your poison, but it's far better than my Ben and Jerry's.


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