30 Before 30 Update

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Here's where I'm at with a couple of things on my list of 30 Before 30 Bucket List!

1) Ten Family Hikes: We've added hikes #4 and #5!  Both local.  We're trying!

2) Read 30 Books: Two more books completed, so little by little! 12) The Highly Sensitive Child; 13) Brooklyn (book-on-tape)

Currently listening to Goldfinch and reading the new Mindy Kaling one!

7) Make/bake 30 New Things: Of course I've made more things, and they all involve chocolate. 18) Chocolate peanut butter cake; 19) Yellow cake with chocolate frosting; 20) Granola bars (yes, with chocolate).

22) Re-read the Book of Mormon: Just started again!  First, though--I finished the entire bible finally.  I'd read the New Testament all through several times, and huge chunks of the Old Testament, but I had never the whole bible in its entirety, start to finish. It seriously took me four years of almost daily reading (I read pretty slowly.  Most of the Old Testament involved heavy note-taking, but by the time I was a third into the New Testament, I gradually shifted to reading for reading's sake.) I'm excited to be studying the Book of Mormon again and will be reading five pages a day to get to my goal of completing it by my birthday.

11) 30 Dates with Brad: 11) Dinner at Mona's; 12) Can Costco family dinner count?

Somehow, I am still failing at the ice cream goal, which I thought would have surely been the easiest one......


  1. What did you think of Brooklyn? I just read it, too. I was expecting it to end differently, but I still think I liked the ending.

    1. I felt the same way! Wish there had been more, but I usually side with an author who chooses to do a more real-life ending, or at least let the readers assume what happens. I didn't see the movie, but I heard it was amazing. Did you see it?


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