Things I Want to Remember, Round 1

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

First, I've struggled what to call my kids on this public blog.  I don't want to use their first names, because I'm paranoid.  But using their initials has made even me confused when I read my own posts...  Also, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to maintain alias names for them as I can barely keep their real names straight.  Suggestions are welcome!  In the meantime, I'll keep going with their initials.  So, CJ is my firstborn and only girl; she'll turn 5 this summer.  RG is my middle child, soon turning 3.  And Baby D is our 7 month old.

Here are some things about them that I want to remember of this time with my little ones...

* CJ uses a lot of phrases and wordings that are quite grown up, and we're not quite sure where she got them.  She'll say, "I am feeling cross..." or "This looks a little odd!"
* She has a little stutter and lisp, but makes up for it with her expressive face and hands.  She's chattering around the clock, even with her make-believe.
* Lately, she's taken to wearing leotards around the house and practicing her ballet at home.  She is also a budding artist and has requested to take an art class after ballet is over in a few weeks.

* How he says, "Of course!" (with a soft "r") in response to my requests.  Such as, "RG, would you like to go outside?" "Of COYS!"  He is speaking better and better.  I especially love how he starts a lot of sentences with a, "Hmmmm."
* He is all boy--tumbling around the house, wielding everyday objects as swords, obsessing over trains and construction trucks, and exhibiting a near-constant stream of energy.  And yet, he loves to mimic his sister and easily joins in with playing dress up and dolls.  It cracked us up when he requested a Kristof barbie for Christmas, and we happily obliged.
* He is potty-training right now (round two for him, as I gave up a day in to our first attempt).  I love his happy face when he gets a sticker and his excited voice, "I did it!"

Baby D
* Like his big sister, his little hands are like a dog's tail, always going in circles and manifesting his feelings.
* I am relishing this baby so very much, as his two older siblings remind daily how quickly this phase will end.  It's breaking my heart that he can sit up without much help, is conquering his pincer grasp during meals, and already boasting 6 teeth.
* Baby D's eyes light up every. sticking. time I look at him.  He buoys up my spirits every single day and I am so thrilled to have him as our baby.  Right now, the feelings are mutual.  My theory is that babies love you as much as you love them for that first year.  What a precious time!


  1. All your kids are adorable but I love that RG so much. His hugs are the very best and I will be so so so sad when he stops speaking Mandarin.

  2. I had a stutter when I was little too! It just went away eventually, but it made me self-conscious to speak in front of people/a group. Hmmm...maybe that's why I still am self-conscious about speaking in front of people now! Who knows. But CJ is so grown up now! And beautiful. RG requested a Kristof barbie for Christmas?!?! Another reason he's my fav. I really need to meet baby D. He's soooo precious.

    1. I never knew that about you! I had a bad lisp... My kids are destined to a bunch of speech impediments. I wish you could see that baby though--you really would LOVE him! And he you.


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