Things I Want to Remember, Round 2

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Here are some things lately that I want to remember about my kids:

* CJ hit the dust pan while walking past it and wailed, "I BROKE my leg!!!"  
* Her favorite animals, currently: snakes, sharks, and kittens.
* Out of nowhere, she has an intense obsession with My Little Pony.  This started before we even saw an episode. 
* CJ told me, "When I am a grown-up, I want to be a grandma.  But I'll still live with you.  Because I love you.  And I want all my toys."

* He is officially "potty trained."  That is in quotation marks because there are still accidents and lots of reminding, but overall he caught on much much faster than his sister.  Mind you, this is our third attempt.  The previous two attempts, I gave up after the first day when it was apparent he wasn't ready.
* All he wants to do is wield objects as swords and chase people with gnashing teeth because, obviously, he is a shark.
* RG has a very vivid imagination.  A few times a day, he suddenly whispers about a monster coming. This has come in handy, like today after swim lessons.  He startled an old women in the locker room with his loud screaming (he was just happy), so I told him, "Oh, do you hear that?  We have to whisper because I hear the monster coming!" (Don't worry, he's not scared of the monster.)

Baby D
* This boy almost has eight teeth!  He can eat anything you put in front of him, and loves to.
* D gives me the biggest hugs and bite/kisses.  They are so fun, but so painful.  He currently hugs me around my neck and yanks onto my hair, while trying to bite/kiss me.  The scars are worth it.
* Nursing is difficult because he only wants to see what is going on around him--which is a lot!  I try to seclude us to a back room, but we inevitably are interrupted every two minutes, at least.


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