Costco Favorites #3

Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's been a while since I've done a post on my Costco Favorites, but I've had these pictures for a while, so I thought I'd post these so I can move on to other go-to's and recent finds from my favorite store...

First, a note on organic food: I tend to go in waves of buying organic stuff--it depends on the day, how tight we are feeling financially, and what is on sale.  Prices ebb and flow, so while I might get organic eggs one visit, the next time I won't if it's a few dollars more than the last time.  Same with other products.  However, when I am introducing solids to my baby, I do tend to do more organic than not when it is reasonably priced.  I just feel like I really want to give that baby a good start.  I'll happily rarely go out to eat (including fast food), if that means I have a little more to spend on groceries for my new little eaters.  Also, since I make virtually 95% of our breakfasts, lunches (including Brad's), snacks, and dinners, I feel like it evens out.  Admittedly though, even then not everything in my house is organic--it's probably 50/50.  We are real people just doing the best we can with the funds we've got!

The first picture holds my three regular purchases--I get these every time (as well as milk, and bread).

1) Late July Multigrain Tortilla Chips: I really, really love these chips.  For my first trimester of my last pregnancy, I basically survived off of them and never got sick of them, and I was sick with the thought of almost all food.  I like them with your typical pairings of salsa and Mexican food, but I also love them with the roasted red pepper and tomato soup (second picture) and in place of crackers for my kids.  I don't think you'll regret trying these.
2 and 3) Organic Eggs and Salad Spring Mix: There's not much to say, other than you can't beat the price on either of these items.  I've been trying to eat more protein for breakfast, so we've been going through lots of eggs.  Even my kids will have scrambled eggs in addition to their cereal.  I like to use the salad mix underneath leftovers--just heat up a small bowl of whatever you ate for dinner the night before and place it on top of a big bowl of the lettuce.  You've got a delicious, easy, and healthy lunch!
4) Applesauce: We eat a lot of applesauce in our house, between re-filling reusable squeeze packets for my kids snacks when we are out on the town (I use these and these, although the latter are my favorite), our "applegurt" (see this post for more information on that), and just as sides for lunches and dinners.  I used to buy the Tree Top brand, but I recently discovered an organic brand that I like the taste of better, called North Coast.  Yes, it's a little more expensive. I've made peace with it.
5) NUTS: I buy all my nuts at Costco, because they are ridiculously expensive elsewhere.  I use them in salads, granola, granola bites, granola bars (I've been testing recipes, so you'll get a full report soon!), make-your-own-trailmix, and just by the handfuls for quick snacks.  I usually have a small container of nuts in my purse at all times.  I tend to usually get unfrosted for almonds and unsalted for all my nuts, just so I can control the salt level in my recipes.  Although, I recently accidentally got salted cashews and they are really, really good.
6) Pacific Red Pepper Tomato Soup: This is easily one of my favorite finds.  My kids love this soup, even the baby.  It has a little bit of a kick to it--so you can even use it in a sauce for home-made enchiladas, which I have done in a pinch.  My favorite is to have it for lunch (or an easy dinner!) and top it with a little crumble of bleu cheese (I also buy this from Costco...), and a side of those amazing tortilla chips.  Yum!  Just make sure to shake it really well the first time you open it.

Have you tried any of these?  Any tips or additional finds of your own?

*There are some affiliate links here (my first ever, so I imagine I'll earn a cent or two), but feel free to search for the products I linked to in a separate window!


  1. Yay for affiliate links! :)

    1. Ha! Have yet to earn a cent, but hey--couldn't hurt.


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