Things I Want to Remember, Round 3

Monday, May 2, 2016

CJ was actually trying to tell me she wanted "a little bit" of nutella toast when she got home...  Notice her other fingers!
* CJ read a book about a boy who stubbed his toe and all these crazy events that followed as a result.  Naturally, she is "stubbing" her toe all day long.  When she does, she runs up to me and says, "Mom!!  I stubbed my toe!  But nothing else happened..."
* She has become very taken to a little stuffed bear.  It accompanies her almost everywhere and she makes sure to get it in the photos too.
* For some reason, CJ is reticent to go to Primary and has had to leave early a few times to be with me.  (I think they switched the order of how things go and that ruffles CJ's psyche.)  She didn't want to go to church today, saying she just wanted to be with mom.  However, after I whispered in her ear that if she made it through Primary, I'd give her a little piece of chocolate, her eyes brightened right up.  After church--and successfully making it through Primary--CJ recounted how during Sharing Time, "I wanted to be with you, Mom--but I remembered you said I could have some chocolate, so I stayed!"

* Poor little guy turned 3 years old last Sunday.  I say "poor," because right when we were about to eat his cookies and open his last two gifts, he ran into a corner of a table and we spent the last two hours of his birthday in the same hospital he made his entrance.  Brad ended up driving the other two kids around so Baby D could sleep while I hung out with RG in the ER.  It wasn't awful; actually, I kind of relished the one-on-one time I had with him.  He was so scared at some parts, his hands were shaking.  But for the most part, RG was content sitting on my lap and spending time with mama as I did my best to keep him entertained.  They gave him cotton candy-flavored laughing gas and he was a BIG FAN.  It calmed him down enough that they were finally able to really examine the wound and see that glue would be enough.  After they were all done, he kept requesting more cotton candy gas.  I got a big kick out of him, which was really nice because he's been a real handful.  It helped me see this little guy through fresh eyes.  I love him so, so much.
* RG is a silly, imaginative, crazy little guy.  He makes me laugh and he makes me lose my mind--like when he won't stop terrorizing his sister with T-Rex sounds.  I really do appreciate his creativity and want him to feel free to be the fun little boy--and sometimes dinosaur--that he is.

Improvise!  Baby boy needs a hat and a toy and these were both in the car, thanks to big sis.

* All the Baby Center articles I get sent tell me that Baby D should be crawling by now, and trying to walk.  Um, nope!  Baby D likes to be in mom's arms or right next to me at all times.  I don't really blame him, because they second I set him down, the dementors--I mean, siblings--come swooping down on him.  9+ months with him in our lives and the older two still haven't learned how to be gentle with him.  I think they love him so much that they can't control themselves.  That's at least what I tell myself...
*Baby D slept all through the night twice this past week.  Joyous times!  Of course, these were the nights that I went to bed around 2 AM, so now I just need to work on myself.
* This guy does not like getting his diaper changed one bit.  He cries so devastatingly when I lay him on the changing table and flips around, so it's very difficult to change him.  I try to sing him songs while he's there, but he's only convinced I'm not going to abandon him there about half the time.


  1. Ha, I usually reward myself with a piece of chocolate for staying in primary the whole time. ;) And I didn't realize RG and Mattie are so close in age, for some reason I thought he was much older! Bummer to get injured on his birthday :(


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