WOT: 30 Before 30 Update

Monday, May 23, 2016

Welp, I turn 30 in 21 days.

Not sure if you remember, but I have a bucket list of things I wanted to do before my birthday.  I've included it as a page now, here.  As you can see, I've added more to my completed section at the bottom, but most of my goals still need a lot of work.  And that's OK!  It has honestly been a lot of fun to even try, and I've decided a bucket list is going to be a yearly thing for me now.

I won't review all of my progress, but for today's Working On Things, I'd like to share just a few from my list that I've completed lately:

1) Adult Museum Trip: Last weekend, I went to the Oscar de La Renta exhibit at the De Young museum in Golden Gate Park.  Three friends came with me and it was such a wonderful time.  I love fashion (even though I'm not great at it), so it was incredible to see this designer's work so up-close.  He really was an artist!  I came away wishing I was rich and/or talented so I could wear beautiful gowns like that.  We had time to go through another exhibit.  I was reminded at how much I love museums; I find even their smell makes me feel alive.
Also, before we left we tried Twirl and Dip--dark chocolate dipped, vanilla bean ice cream cone sprinkled with sea salt.  I want to go back for that, alone!

2) Family Day in San Francisco: We did this when my family came to visit a few weeks ago.  We started with the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building (where we loaded up on pastries and hot chocolate), then we went to Land's End.  Although I've been to the Sutro Baths before, I didn't realize the same parking lot was the starting point to one of the most gorgeous hikes I've been on in the Bay Area.  It bordered the coast and you hiked amongst SO many wild flowers and beautiful trees.  Your views included the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge, and we actually saw whales in the water!  My kids could even walk this one.  It's a must-do now for me when people come to town.  On our way out of the city, we ate at Nick's Tacos and headed home for some cookie dough cheesecake (I'll share that in a future post).  It was definitely one of the best days of my life, and I'm not just saying that!

3) Re-read the Book of Mormon: I just finished yesterday morning.  This was my first time using the audio option on the gospel library app.  I mostly listened this time instead of read, and I really, really liked doing that.  I started most of my runs/workouts listening, or even just doing my chores around the house.  Since I typically fall asleep when I try to read before bed, this was a terrific option for sleepy, busy moms like me.  I'm planning on going through the last general conference addresses and then Jesus the Christ, all through that audio option!

Now, since I only have 21 days left and just about as many goals to finish, I'd like to focus on the following:

1) Make or Bake 30 new recipes: this will be easy, as I only have one left.

2) Going to the LDS temple: I think I can squeeze in two more trips.

3) Dates with Brad: these might be home dates, but we can do at least three more (right, Brad?!).

4) Learn to watercolor: I had envisioned me taking a class before, but now I think I'll stick to looking at some youtube videos and just trying it out.

5) Complete an online class: I have wayyyy too many of these already signed up and paid for that I need to do.  I'm absolutely putting my foot down and making sure I finish at least one of these before my birthday.  I'm going to start with beginning sewing.  (I got the course through Modern Girl's Guide to Sewing.)

All the other goals are still for fun and motivation!  We'll see where I get in three weeks!

What are you working on these days?


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