Do Something: Round-up and Highlighting Claudia!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Since my original post, Do Something that Scares You, it's been fun to see my friends challenge themselves to do just that.  I'm not saying they were inspired by that post (although a few told me they were, which really made me happy!), but I'm definitely more in tune to noticing when people face some fears head on and go for it.  Because of them, I have been more motivated to try little-to-large things that make me nervous.

 I have friends who have:
* Started an Etsy shop
* Signed up for an 8K race
* Ran a half-marathon in the heat
* Called health insurance to duke out a claim
* Started painting their own kitchen cabinets
* Had very difficult conversations with loved ones
* Started a baking Instagram account

Today, I want to honor one of my dear college friends, Claudia.  Since starting my blog, Claudia and I have been writing back and forth and it's been so wonderful to reconnect! Recently, she shared with me how she went about doing her own "Do Something."
Sorry, Claudia--I had to include the biggest size of the photo because you are SO hardcore!!!
Claudia and her husband each did a Spartan race--he the first day, and her the second.  Not only do these races involve miles of running, but they also include "obstacles."  Some of these obstacles involve carrying really, really heavy things (see above).  For Claudia, that's especially difficult because she's so small-framed.  She had to work hard to train for her race, which is another feat considering she has two very young kids to boot.  To top it all off, she did this race entirely on her own--meaning, no one running alongside her to give her a boost when needed.  (For a first-time racer, that is very impressive!)

In Claudia's words, this is how it went:

"After my husband did his race and seeing how beat he was I began to worry I wouldnt be able to finish my race the next day. Even my husband was worried about me being able to do some of the "lifting" obstacles. I spent the night and race morning nervous and stressed out! 11am rolled around and there I was at the starting line, alone (without a running buddy), but off I went with my hubby and kids cheering me on. My husbands only adivce was " just enjoy it and take your time, you're only competing against the course!" So that's what I did and it made a world of difference. Once I got through the 1st obstacle (long row of monkey bars) I knew I could do this! Soon after came the sand bag carry up a long steep hill. It was killer! The 20lb sandbag was no problem, it was the hill, but once I made it to the top the view was amazing! Mile after mile, obstacle after obstacle I kept going, enjoying the course, the amazing views, the helpful encouraging people. Not going to lie it was a tough course (even the pros said it!) 5.6 miles & 24 obstacles and at the end I felt great! (Besides smacking my knee on a big log near the end) I was happy and all smiles! I did something I didn't think I could do and completed all weight obstacles on my own! At the end of the day I was sore and my calves were very tight, but I was on a happy high! (Those endorphins work wonders!) I totally want to do another one and actually try to "compete". I seriously felt like I could anything after doing that race on my own."

All this came after Claudia told me that she struggled finding a way to workout with her little kids.  Two months later, and she did this.  Claudia, I don't think I could even have done the monkey bars on that course!

Claudia also told me that she has signed up for two more of these Spartan races.  Superwoman!

I feel so grateful for people like Claudia who show bravery, smile while they face their challenge, and come away from it all with a sense of empowerment they wouldn't have otherwise had.

I'd love to highlight what you are doing here on my blog (anonymously or not!), or even have guest posts for those who would like to write in more detail (no need to have your own blog).  Remember, you can always share what you've been trying with me at so I can include you in these Round-ups.


  1. Claudia is a for real super woman! Proud of her every day!

  2. Claudia is a for real super woman! Proud of her every day!


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