Mommy Style Monday: Diaper Bag Essentials

Monday, June 6, 2016

Dress: Harper and Bay; Jesus Sandals: TJ Maxx; Diaper Bag: Amazon; Pained Face: Me

First, major props to ALL the fashion bloggers out there!  Posing for photos was about a million times more awkward and painful than I imagined.  I almost cried, you guys... Also, none of this post is sponsored but most of the links are affiliate (I have yet to earn a cent though, so don't you worry!).

Today, I'm participating in a blog series called Mommy Style Monday, created by these two wonderful ladies: Madeline and Kiana.

We are grouping up with some other bloggers to share our diaper bag essentials.  Check the bottom of the post for more blogs to look through, if you'd like!

I've been through a number of diaper bags in the almost-five years that I've been a mother.  I started with a Petunia Picklebottom bag until all the zippers broke, then I went through three cheap Target backpacks (those zippers broke too), and for the past year I've used a hardcore Ogio backpack.  Yes, I have looked like I am constantly going backpacking, but I'm (clearly) so hard on my bags and my three kids need me to schlep a lot of stuff--it has really worked well.

But in February, I wanted a bag that wasn't so hefty.  (With my Ogio backpack, I have literally taken people out when I turn around in the aisle at the grocery store!)  So, while I still use my bigger backpack on days where we're going on adventures, I use this Skip Hop bag for my day-to-day essentials. The outside is wipeable and it looks as good as the day I bought it.  (Remember, no body is paying me to say this!)

My kids are at three stages: almost-5, barely-3, and 10 months old.  They each require different necessities, but some overlap.  I learned early on to hold on to those free make up bags I get with my Clinique Bonus Time purchases, and I use them to keep things separate in my bags, each devoted to a different purpose.  (This also makes switching things out easier when I need to use my big bag instead.)

With that in mind, here are my diaper bag essentials--the things I always, always have ready to go:

1) First Aid: band-aides, Neosporin
2) Baby Toys: I like to switch these out every few weeks so they don't lose their appeal.
3) Snacks: usually some crackers, dried fruit, and reusable pouches with applesauce.
4) Nursing Cover or Lightweight Blanket
5) Emergency Treats: little M&Ms, Mentos, and small containers of chocolate chips have saved me more than once.
6) Sunblock and Hand Lotion
7) Keys on a Clip: because I always lose mine if I don't clip it to the same spot every time I get out of the car. (Can't take credit for this one--idea from Janssen!)
8) My Lip Balm and Kleenexes
9) Water Bottles: I am always thirsty and so are my kids.
10) Anti-bacterial Spray and Pouch with Wipes/Diapers: My friend sews these beautiful pouches and little bags (her latest are ,water resistant!).  She gave me one of her early prototypes and I use it religiously.  I love her fabric pairings!  (Again, I wasn't asked to post that!)
11) Wallet and Checkbook: And my phone goes there too...

So there's that!  Want to see what other moms have as their essentials?  Head to the following blogs:

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What do you always have to have in your bag?  I must be missing something!

PS: I always have a washable wet bag in my car with extra clothes and underwear for each of my kids.  And I'm always glad I do when they have unfortunate accidents at Target or fall in mud puddles at the zoo.


  1. I need a washable wet bag! Also, your Skip Hop bag is really cute! Usually I don't like bags with a lot of pattern, but I actually really like that one. I'm so glad you joined us, Monica! Please join for next time too!

    1. I used to use the wet bag for my wet diapers, but it has really come in handy for wet clothes too! I'd love to join in the next time too. Thanks for being the brains behind it!

  2. I love that diaper bag! It's so cute! And I love how colorful everything in your bag is! As I was putting everything together for my post I noticed that almost everything is BLUE! haha.

    1. At least you got a good color scheme going on!

  3. Love the idea of a wet bag! If mavryk ruins one of his outfits then I have nothing to put it in! I will be adding that to mine :) xx

    1. Oh, yes--it's really a great idea when they are walking all over the place too! Hope you do!

  4. I have two kids 2 and 6 mo. I am not an on the go mommy. If I go any where it is a quick trip to church/restaurant/park/store and right home. I try to never couple trips unless my husband is there to lend a hand. My children are very low maintenance which is good because I am not a super-mommy. Looking at your huge bags made me feel super unprepared. When I get a car with more trunk space, I will definitely save up for the Washable Wet Bag. I will probably also have an on the go box in my trunk, instead of lugging all the changes of clothes with me. Check out my simplified version here

    1. I feel bad I made you feel unprepared! I have slight OCD tendencies, and it just helps me to have it all ready to go so I'm not anxious. Having my bag almost always packed really makes it easier to grab and go! Also, I used to be more of a home body with my kids, but as they have gotten older I've learned we are all happier when we get out of the house even once a day. PS: The washable wet bag comes in a variety of sizes, but they're all small!

  5. I love your post! I used to use a wet bag for my cloth diapers but it broke and I have just been using a plastic sack. Oops. I love your cute bag! And your so organized! I am getting a clip for my keys now haha I am always losing them when I am out running errands!

    1. I use cloth diapers too! Well, I guess I use them like 50% of the time at best with my third. But with my first, it was 100%! That key clip has saved me many, many times.

  6. I have the same key clip and it is my best friend. Also, I've been eyeing that diaper bag for baby #3 so I'm so glad to hear you like it!

  7. It all looks good to me! You are the diaper. Bag queen!


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