Things I Want to Remember, Round 4

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

On Mother's Day, we snapped some quick photos of our kids.  For a few years, our church used to give moms a picture of each child on Mother's Day, and I wanted that tradition to continue; I SO love seeing their pictures lined up on the side of my fridge and admire how different they look every single year.  So, here are some things I want to remember about each of my kids when I look at those photos!  (PS: I'm testing out some new pseudonyms for them...  I know, I'm making this complicated!)

* It only took 9 months of swim lessons, but this girl finally got under water on her own free will. And true to form, once Bella decided it was time, she embraced it fully.  She kept dunking herself over and over, and wanted to swim farther from the edge each time.  In one day, Bella went from asking for a break from lessons to saying she wanted them every day.  I'm really proud that she could push herself, as that's something we are always working on with her--facing her fears, head-on.  (Even if that's her brother...)
* Bella is really, really into drawing, coloring, and writing letters.  While her brothers nap, she has me print off princess pictures to color, or asks me to draw different things (mostly jewels!), and we have been sending those pictures off in letters she dictates to cousins and friends.  But lately, she's been drawing her own creations and is becoming a passionate little artist.

* Our little man might be a touch mischievous and strong-willed, but one of the things I love about him most is that he is so, so social.  He plays so easily with kids and is pretty good at including others.  I love seeing his personality shine through and we are trying to cultivate this love-of-others to  include his siblings too.  I know his heart, and it is a good, good one.
* We've been listening to audio books in the car (thanks, Janssen!), but I have had it with the kids' favorite book that we all have memorized, Curious George.  So instead, we are listening to Lamb of God, a BEAUTIFUL album about the final days, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  RG has been asking a lot of questions along the way, but my favorite was, "Is Jesus the bad guy?"  I respond, "No, Judas."  RG, "Jesus?" Me, "No, Judas is the bad guy."  RG, "Jesus?"  I had to laugh at that.

* I learned today that like his older brother, Bean has a sensitive tummy with motion sickness.  We drove a long while to get to the zoo today, and just as we pulled into the parking lot, Bean threw up all over himself.  Poor guy!  We spent 20 minutes in the parking lot just cleaning him up and letting him get some air (while the other kids cried about not going in to the zoo), and then drove straight home.
* He is crawling all over the house and already in to everything.  It's bittersweet!
* Bean is the best sport.  He really does deal with a lot.  He has to go where we go, all day long.  He has siblings who adore him, but will not leave him alone.  And his mother is often distracted.  I love Bean so, so much and am so wrapped up in the joy he has brought into our home.  He is a mama's boy, through and through.


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