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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Yesterday, I talked about wanting more purpose behind what I produce and what I take in with social media.  Today, I'd like to share some blogs of a few unicorn-women who manage to be real, inspiring, funny, and motivating.  There are SO many good blogs and Instagram accounts out there, but these are just a few of my very favorites that I regularly read and I feel they genuinely make me better for it.  (P.S.: None of these people are related to me, nor have they asked for this.  Who are we kidding, about three people regularly read this blog anyway so it's not like I'm bringing them a ton of traffic, ha!)

General/Lifestyle Blogs
* Hungry Runner Girl: Janae's blog is a daily read for me (whereas the others are more of a weekly or bi-weekly reading).  When she first started, I couldn't read her because I could tell she was engaging in some all-too-familiar behaviors for me.  But a few years ago, she went through some big life changes, has blogged about recovering from eating disorders, going through a divorce, being a single mom, and her running woes and is still able to keep up a good balance of humor.
* Design Mom: I think Gabrielle Blair has a very fair view of the world, and she is classy about distributing important information.  She also talks a lot about parenting and design.  I personally love her series Living with Kids and Call It a Day.
* Cup of Jo: Joanna Goddard is similar to Design Mom. She talks about parenting, marriage, style, food, and current events.  But the authenticity is always there.
* Everyday Reading: Janssen (and her sister, Merrick) are friends from a study abroad. Back when we were all newly married, we had family blogs like everyone else.  But hers definitely, and quickly, became something well beyond sharing your baby's monthly milestones.  I still read her blog faithfully because Janssen writes about it all (books, parenting, entertaining, style, and food), and is consistently smart, witty, and true-to-herself.

* Merrick's Art: Merrick is my other study abroad friend who has gotten a huge following on Instagram.  But you know what?  Her blog should not be overlooked.  I don't follow many fashion bloggers because they usually ignite the comparison-trap for me or make me want to spend my life's savings on a purse.  Not so with Merrick's blog!  She actually TEACHES you about fashion.  Her clothes are always affordable - reasonably priced, and she is also a fantastic seamstress who teaches you how to make and alter your own clothing.

* Mel's Kitchen Cafe: If you don't know her, then come out from under your rock!  Every single thing I've ever made of hers is brilliant.  And she is funny, to boot.
* Cake by Courtney: Courtney is one of the most amazing women I've ever known.  And that girl can BAKE.  I know, because I have personally eaten a lot of her baked goods.  I LOVE her cake blog and have made too many cakes to count because of it.  And I've honestly loved them all.  She knows her stuff.

Interior Design
* Style by Emily Henderson: Emily teaches, inspires, and totally entertains.  I love her like she's my long lost best bud.  I'm pretty sure everyone feels that way.
* House Tweaking: What I love about Dana is she lives well within her means but manages to live really beautifully.  Her decorating is SO inspiring--and largely DIY.  But she's all about curating a simple lifestyle and meeting your family's needs, not keeping up with the Joneses.
* Little Green Notebook: I really love Jenny's style, and I love how she writes.  She is the first design blog I followed and has influenced my own home style so much.  She is a DIY and thrifting queen, but manages to mix all styles into a really personable, BEAUTIFUL home.  I would die to be able to work for her some day.

Each of these women really speak to me.  They post with intention.  Their photos are beautiful, but not for show.  Their captions are often funny, sweet, inspiring, motivating, and always, always relatable.  Reading what they post always leaves me better than they found me.

* Talk Wordy to Me (also has a great blog!)
* Wander and Scout
* Anne Cropper (also has a great blog!)
* Thriving Motherhood
* Kaycee Sogard (also has a great blog!)

What blogs and Instagram accounts do you feel bring light into your life?


  1. You are so nice! And I'm excited to check out a few of these that are new to me (I love Emily Henderson on Instagram, but I rarely look at her blog. I should fix that!).

    1. She is one of the funniest people on the internet, in my opinion! This came from my genuine heart--you are one of the absolute best in the business.


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