Mommy Style Monday: Girls Day Out

Monday, August 1, 2016

(Forgive me for my unintended week's absence.  I was with my entire family in a cabin in Idaho, having way too much fun and way too little sleep to take out my laptop!)

I live far from my family.  In fact, out of 7 children, I am the only one that lives outside of a 20 minute radius from my parents' home in Utah.  (I live in Northern California, outside San Francisco!)

As such, my ability to take an hour or two--let alone most of a day--away from my kids just doesn't happen unless I want to pay a babysitter (and 99% of the time I'm too cheap to pay a babysitter).  My friends are like family, but I will not afflict them with 4-8 hours with my crazy kids.  SO, when I come to Utah to visit my family, I fully enjoy my mom letting me take off during nap time and go see some friends, go shopping by myself (heaven!), or even run some errands solo.  That is my version of a Girls Day Out, but you know what? I love it.

I am visiting home right now and will be meeting up with some friends later this week, sans kids.  When I don't have to worry about my children giving me hugs and accidentally transferring their lunch, dirt, or spit up, I like to wear a bit nicer of a flowy shirt, good jeans, comfy shoes (because I'm an old lady), and a purse that can't possibly fit a single diaper in it.  (I promise I love my kids!)
This outfit is brought to you by my Mom's Day Out, where I made my first official in-store purchases from both Madewell and Anthropologie.  I still only bought these items at 20-30%-off clearance prices (remember, I'm a cheapskate who also likes to shop), so I feel giddy about them.  However, because they were both from clearance, I could not find the same blouse and jeans online--but I linked to similar items on the same brand's I purchased them from.  (PS: None of this post is sponsored, in case you were worried... Although the Amazon link is an affiliate link.)

Now that I know what Madewell jeans feel like, I think they will be my new go-to forever and ever and ever--they really do fit way better than any GAP pair I currently own.

The blouse is flowy enough to hide a week's-worth of ice cream I indulged in, but not a tent.  Also, it's easy to dress-up or dress-down, and I leaned more to the latter by paring it with casual sandals.  I borrowed my sister's purse to bring in a little more color, but I'm sorry to say I have no idea where you can find your own!
If I look tired here, it's because I am.  So.  Tired.
It really does a mama good to step away for a few hours from her job, feel pretty, and get filled up by good friends, food, and conversation.  I can't wait for later this week!  I'm participating in a blogging series hosted by Kiana and Madeline--please see their blogs for how to sign up if you'd like to participate! More beautiful mamas and their outfits are below:

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  1. I love your whole outfit! Madewell Jeans seriously are the best, I have yet to find a deal good enough to spend my money on them, but someday! Someday I will have some!

  2. What a great look! That top is beautiful!!

  3. Oh girl, I feel you! We are 6 hours away from any family and I'm often jealous when friends mention how they drop their kids off at grandma's for a few hours to run errands. So unfair! But in some ways, I'm happy to be away from some family that I feel may stifle me and/or give unwanted advice about the way I parent. Can't win!
    This blouse looks great on you!

  4. I am LOVING that blouse! And better than GAP? Now that's quite the statement. I think I'll have to give Madewell jeans a try!


  5. i am all about this kind of outfit, especially the top! girl's days sans kids are definitely the best, but even with kids they are quite enjoyable :)


  6. Cute outfit! (As usual!). Have fun this week!!


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