THE BEST SUMMER MEAL (that deserves all caps...)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A week ago, I can honestly say I had one of the best homemade meals of my life.  It was also one of the easiest.

My sister was visiting and I wanted to give her a summer meal send-off before she boarded her flight home that night.  I had recently gone to Costco so most of the meal wad due to that magnificent store, but the corn came from a local corn stand.  And honestly, the "best meal" status was because of the corn.

This isn't a super "recipe" recipe.  But it is one you should absolutely try!  I couldn't get Costco links to each individual dish, but here are some amazon links (keep in mind it's much cheaper at Costco):  rice and sausage.  (Squash too, but I can't remember the brand.)

The hardest part about making dinner for me is how on earth to time alllll the parts so it's ready at the same time.  I'm happy to say that this meal was all ready to eat and it was all warm at the same time. I've listed the order in which I cooked it here for you, if that's helpful:

I started with getting my brown rice in the rice cooker (just water (more than they say on the packaging, though!), a little butter, and salt).  Then I began prepping the corn (see recipe below), and while they soaked I got the squash ready (see this recipe, but I cut it into spears this time instead of round slices, for ease in turning them on the grill).  Then I started grilling.

First, I grilled the squash.  Since I was cooking off probably 7 zucchini and squash all together, I knew I'd need to cook it in two rounds.  After the first round was transferred to a large cookie sheet covered by aluminum foil, and the second round was on the grill, I also put the corn down.  While the corn cooked, the remaining squash got transferred to the cookie sheet and the sausage went on.  (4-6 minutes per side, until the sausage bursts a bit and oozes liquid).  When the sausage finished, the corn was ready to go too!  I transferred the corn to the same big bowl it had soaked in (minus the water) and gave it a few minutes to cool down.  In the mean time, I chopped up the sausage and got my kids' plates ready.  Then I could tear off the corn skins and everyone plated their desired amounts.

Couple this all with a little pool of this BBQ sauce, and you are in heaven. (It's good enough that we also buy it in bulk . . . from Costco!)

That corn was so dang good, it didn't need a bit of butter or salt.  Here's the recipe for that:

Grilled Corn on the Cob
Carefully peel back the leaves to a cob of corn, tear off the silky threads, and then bend back the leaves to cover the corn.  Once you have done this to your desired amount of corn, place them all in a large bowl and cover with water and 1-2 TB of salt, depending on how many pieces of corn you have.  (I did 1 TB for 5 cobs.)  Soak the cobs for at least 15 minutes

When the grill is ready, cook the corn on medium to medium-high heat.  Shake off excess water before place them on the grill, and turn every 5 minutes, cooking for a total of 15-20 minutes.  Remove outer leaves before serving.


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