WOT: Re-committing

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hello, friends!

This summer was all over the place for me, both literally and figuratively.  Especially with this blog.

Some days, I really wanted to do it; some others I completely forgot about it.  In between, I wrestled with the reasoning behind whether or not I should continue, what my purpose is, my end-goal, etc.

I had the opportunity to reflect some more when we were on some long road trips this past week.  I'm ready to Work on Things with this blog, ready to refocus and recommit.  The key for me though, is that I want to do better in being try to my roots in starting this in the first place: 1) to be a positive sources on social media; 2) to build a community that works towards becoming better people, but not at the sake of losing our sanity, nor losing our perspective on what really matters. In other words, motivated people who know that perfectionism is over-rated!

While I think that I still have to blog some about myself--my goals, my progress, and my "deep thoughts"--I'd like to also spend more time on YOU.  I want to share what others are doing out there to challenge themselves, to improve their lives, to try something new, and to get over their fears.

I plan on doing this in two ways:

1) Having a bi-weekly round-up on people (read, you!) who are trying things that scare them--big, small, and in-between. That means we are going to see a lot more of Do Something! (Speaking of which, if you'd like to share or nominate someone for my round-ups, please email me at packerprogress@gmail.com)

2) A secret project...

Sorry to leave you hanging there, but there is a big learning curve for what I have planned for #2.  It's something I have thought about for a long time.  I have BIG fears about it and it could potentially be a giant flop.  But might as well practice what I preach, right?

So stay tuned!  And keep in touch!


  1. I'm excited about this!! I love the line "working towards becoming better people, but not at the sake of losing our sanity"... so important for me to remember! I want to be a part of whatever you're doing. I just need to pick one thing that's scaring me and actually do it :)

    1. Thanks Madeline! I'd love to spotlight you when you do pick something, or even have a guest post. So let me know if you're interested in doing that!

    2. I would for sure be interested! I need to write down some goals for myself. I'm thinking that would help kick my butt in gear as far as getting something done!


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