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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hey all!

Remember how I want this blog to focus a little less on me and a lot more on you?  Well, I remember.  And I'm taking it seriously.

I would LOVE to feature as many people as I can in my weekly round-ups of people who are venturing into unchartered territory for them, taking risks however big or small, and being brave.  In short, doing something that scares them!  If you would be so kind to email me about yourself OR to nominate someone you know, I'd really appreciate that. (

Today's round-up will be a little short as it's one spotlight, but it's just as important! Brad's cousin, Becky, messaged me a while back a little about her story.  Three years ago, nine months after giving birth to her third child, she experienced chronic vertigo and extreme nausea.  Medication and holistic efforts both did little to cure either condition.  BUT, she had the impression to start running.  This idea was crazy to her because she never viewed herself as athletic.  To her surprise, running started helping her health issues.  Since then, Becky's nausea has resolved itself and her dizziness is no where as bad as it used to be.  In her words:

"I've never been athletic and this whole running thing had never been a thought, had it not been for my vertigo.  Now, I am able to DO and LIVE because of the running."

Becky has completed three 5Ks this year, two of which were PRs.  Her oldest son--14 years old--joined her in on the last 5K.  Her teenager had to work hard to keep up with her (isn't that cool!), but they finished the race and had a lot of fun!  Becky learned, "there are [so many] possibilities if we can break through and identify the barriers and fears holding us back."

Way to go Becky!  I love stories like this.  I am so impressed by your perseverance.  My mom also suffers from vertigo and it is really something to see someone almost running sideways.  What determination!  

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