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Friday, October 21, 2016

Here's another round of Positive Things on the Internet!

1) This interview with Whitney Lundeen is beautiful, raw, and empowering.  She is the designer behind those amazing play-dresses we've all see at Sonnet James.  Whitney escaped an abusive marriage, and if that alone weren't incredible to read about, I was especially inspired by how she spoke about learning to become a mother.  Whitney's parents weren't heavily involved in her life, so when she became a mom she felt ill-equipped to instantly how to have positive, involved relationships with her sons.  A lot of this really spoke to my heart and I admire her strength and her entrepreneurial spirit.

Also, this is the coolest new website I've run across--interview with real "normal" Mormons!

2) My friend, Ashlee, sent me a link to this BEAUTIFUL video of a mom recounting what it was like to give birth and discover that her son had down-syndrome.  Also, her blog is amazing; she's started a movement showing that kids with down syndrome are incredible, that there is nothing "down" about having their syndrome.  Please check these out!

3) My friend, Kim, has a great blog, and she didn't ask me to tell you about it.  I really loved her recent review and thoughts on the book, Present Over Perfect.  I love how she framed the word "perfect," calling it a swear word--that really cracked me up!  Kim is refreshing, and her thoughts on this important topic--being present in our own lives and not perfection-obsessed--really resonated with me.  It's something I'm thinking about a lot lately!

4) We all know that we are obsessed with Chip and Joanna Gaines, of Fixer Upper fame.  I mean, how can we not be?  This video of them makes that obsession only grow.  They talk about their relationship, and how they balance each other out in a beautiful way.  What a wonderful portrait of a marriage!  They also share how this relates to their beliefs on God, which I also found enlightening.

What positive things have you found on the internet lately?


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