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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Courtney Rich is so wise.

Sure, she is also a major success as a media consultant, blogger, cake queen, entrepreneur, and a mother, too!  But I think on top of alllll the gifts that Courtney has to offer the world, her wisdom is the best.

What's extra inspiring about Courtney is that she is willing to share the lessons she has hard-earned with others.  Courtney is wonderfully open about her struggles as an adult with battling depression and anxiety.  People who don't personally know Courtney might be surprised with the struggles she talks about in this episode, as she is so warm and happy.  But this go-getter is constantly staying optimistic, productive, and focused as a learned method to deal with the deep sadness that she has to routinely face.

What can you take from this interview?

You can learn from Courtney's passionate spirit.  She pursues things--not without fear--but with a full heart.  She is a go-getter to the core, despite having so many reasons not to be.

You can be encouraged.  Courtney is a champion of others.  She learned to compare herself to no one but Courtney, and because of that she doesn't compete with others' successes, but instead cheers them on.

You can be strengthened.  Through her years of battling depression and anxiety, Courtney says she can look back and now tell herself, "You are stronger than you thought you were." Courtney's inner strength is driven by a healthy dose of self-acceptance, as she embraces these hard parts of her life and does what is within her power to prevent her bouts of depression and anxiety, but also better face them when they do arise.

You can borrow Courtney's tools she uses to battle these demons, some of which include plenty of daily routines, list-making, self-care, and pursuing passions that give her purpose and fulfillment.  Oh, and learning how to say "no." And most importantly, the underlying motivation of her life to live in a way that inspires her own children to live happy, meaningful lives.

Finally, you can borrow the mantra Courtney left us with, "I am capable."

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  1. Great podcast! And because you asked in your intro, I listened during a dental appointment. It was sort of ironic timing to be thinking about cakes and anxiety 😉😂

    1. Love that, Juliana! I'm finally going to share this--not this week's, but next.


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