Design Tuesday: Feminine Vintage-Modern Living Room

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hi there!

I have some things to report back to you for WOT (Working on Things), but today I'd like to share some interior design I've been working on, and I'm thinking this might be a semi-regular Tuesday thing.

I have five clients right now (yay!) and it's been so fun to explore their different styles.  You can always check out my Pinterest boards to get an idea of the different rooms I am working with on my clients, ranging from comfortable traditional to vintage-modern.

So far, I've finalized a lot of work on a beautiful living room for my friend, Michele.  We narrowed down her style to Feminine Vintage-Modern.  She's always had more masculine rooms in the past and when she and her husband bought a condo in the DC area, she decided she wanted it to reflect a more feminine touch.  Michele also has a big appreciation for both vintage and modern aesthetics.

Some things she already had in place: pale-pink walls, track shelving, a credenza, a midcentury arm chair, and a baby grand piano.  (She is a woman of many, many talents--you might see her on my podcast in the near future!)

Her needs: they want an affordable, grey sleeper sofa for guests, help with the layout, guidance on where to put the TV as well as the other furniture, ideas for coloring, a chandelier (she wanted a vintage-looking one), and all the sources of where to look for other furniture, rugs, and accessories.

I sent Michele some (hilarious) mock-ups for layouts--they might be ugly, but they got the job done:

And then today, I sent her a few design boards that are priced out as cheaper, mid-line, and higher-end.  Want to see?
Cheaper Option
Mid-line Option
More Pricey Option

I LOVE working with a budget--so I like to give options of where to buy, but also I like to give an idea of what to look for--so if something isn't in the price range, a client still knows the general direction to take something, like a side table with metal accents or a green velvet pillow.  Alongside the design board, I included a document detailing my ideas for everything, including sources of where she can find furniture both high, low, and in-between.  I've included that here, if someone is wondering what that might look like for an e-design client.

Now Michele has to get to work making some decisions, purchases, and searching for her special deals!

Once her room is installed, I'll share the after photos.  Can't wait, Michele!  Thank you for being my first official client.

If you are interested in my e-design services (you can live anywhere!) or full-service design (if you live in the Bay Area), please email me at for more details.


  1. How did I not see this until just now?! So honored to be your first official client! It has been so fun working with you and we LOVE all your ideas!! xoxo

    1. Glad you liked them! Can't wait to see more.


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