Design Tuesday: Relaxed Traditional Master Bedroom

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I have been having such a great time doing my e-design work!  I wanted to share a little of one I have been working on for my friend from college.  

Heather and her husband have lived in 7 apartments in 5 cities in 3 states before settling down in their home in Texas a year ago.  They wanted to finally have a bedroom to call their own!  After completing her questionnaire, Heather and I whittled down their style to "Relaxed Traditional," which is a mix of classic furniture and a happy, comfortable feel with some fun, color, and modern touches.  

Heather wanted a wood bed and, while they loved their duvet, the Texas heat proved to make that too uncomfortable.  She and her husband liked the idea of a colorful quilt. They also needed some black-out curtains and a full-length mirror.  Finally, they had a paint color already chosen.

Here are one before pictures, but the after photos won't be for a while so Heather and her husband can finalize their choices, purchases, and install (which I help with too, as they need it!).

After some more back-and-forth (including creating a Pinterest board to help us visualize things together), I started working on Heather's design plan and board.  I sent Heather this board first to get some initial feedback.  Here it is!
After Heather looked it over, they told me what they loved and what they wanted to be different.  In this case, they felt like the bed was too traditional and favored one of the sleigh beds that I had sent to them, with its straighter lines.  They also liked the idea of a bench, but weren't sold on the denim color.  I found out that she was interested in having more red, as the rest of the home has touches of that color.  I love looking for deals, so I spent hours finding affordable options. Then I fine-tuned the design board and fleshed out a full design plan.  A design plan details more about what she can buy/DIY, as well as the how and why behind placing things in her room; you can seen that plan here.

Here is the finalized board!

Again, I'll still be around for Heather as they get their room together and make purchases. 

I have some remaining slots available for my heavily-discounted rate of $100 per room.  (My prices will quadruple within a year!)  If you are interested in e-design and want to learn more, please contact me at


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