Kim Christenson, Saying Yes to the Right Dreams at the Right Times (AB #002)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kim Christenson is one of the most talented women I know: she is a passionate writer, journalist, novelist, "namer," actress, voice-over artist, yoga instructor, social media queen, and mother to three young children.  She radiates such light and positivity! Kim carefully uses her time spent on the internet to build up others and encourage them to be brave, evident in her incredible interviews of women who are shooting for the stars in her Dream Big Series.

We talk about Kim's growing up years as one of many children in a blended family, and how she learned from a young age the great importance in finding passions to reach for that help you feel of value.  Kim is a dreamer and she seems to fearlessly go after one thing to the next; but it might surprise you some of the hard lessons she had to learn, including her regret over letting perfectionism and the trap of comparison stagnate her pursuits.

Kim also speaks about some failures she has faced, as well as some tough choices she had to make about when to let go of one dream in order to make room for another.  From her, we learn that there is wisdom in evaluating what you are capable of doing, but then daring to say no to many things so you can more fully say yes to the pursuits that are of the greatest value in your life.

Finally, Kim shares what it looks like to dream big, and it involves taking one little step at a time.  (This is for all you paralyzed dreamers out there!)

You can find Kim at her wonderful, real, I'm-with-you blog, Talk Wordy to Me, and her Instagram account of the same name, here.  Photo cred: @lyndseyyo

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