Do Something Revival

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Today's podcast is a mini-episode where I talk about how fear made me both quit things and never start them.  This might sound familiar to you (I hope so), because I tried to start a series called, "Do Something" where people do something that scares them.  It didn't really take off like I imagined it would, but I'm not ready to give up on it yet!

Do Something? It can be big, like shifting careers; it can be small, like signing up for a fitness or cooking class.  But I think we all need a little push to face our fears, challenge ourselves, and make something special of our lives--and of course, all with this focus in mind: PROGRESS, not perfection.

In this mini-episode I share one of the biggest things I quit out of fear, the many things I never started because I was afraid, and how I have tried to face my fears this past year including starting this blog, creating a podcast, and doing some design projects.

Here is what I want to revive: I want to encourage a movement where people choose that "something" that makes them nervous, inspired, and excited, and face it head on.  For some, it will be a dream they had growing up that they abandoned; for others, it will be signing up for a new hobby or interest.  For some, it will be leaving their horrendous job and pursuing another career they've long put off.  For others, it could be calling insurance to argue over a claim.  And for many, it might be that they have to take a good look at themselves to figure out where to even start.

I want to recenter my focus on sharing "Round-ups" and highlighting what people are doing that scare them.  Those round-ups will appear both on the blog and on the podcast--in fact, I'll do a mini-highlight on a listener's "Do Something" every week from here on out.  I also want to do guest posts here on the blog, where people talk about their story with this focus in mind, in addition to whole podcasts highlighting this series.

In order to do that, I need to hear from you--both what you are up to and people you'd like to nominate to be highlighted!

Please share your "Do Something" by tagging me on social media with #aboutprogresspodcast or by emailing me (find my info here), and private messaging me on Instagram or Facebook, where my handle is @aboutprogress.

You can listen to more about all of this on the podcast below, on iTunes, Stitcher, Pocketcasts, Googleplay, or search for "About Progress" in your podcast apps.


  1. I loved this, and loved your podcast! I recently re-did our bedroom, something I have been wanting to do since we've been married - nearly five years! I'm definitely not an interior designer, but redoing our bedroom gave me an incredible creative outlet and fulfilled me in a way I wasn't expecting. It gave me a renewed energy that has bled over into many aspects of my life.

    1. Brynnly, this is so cool! I would love to highlight you on my next episode--look for the one with Jamie Cook! Thank you so much for sharing. Way to go, too!!


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