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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

If you haven't heard of Meg from MOMSTRONG, then let me introduce you to this rare jewel of a human being.

Meg is blessed with an abundance of gifts, from her knowledge of health, exercise, and nutrition (she is a pediatric nurse and a certified trainer, after all!), to her amazing food recipes, mom tips, and even her photography and interior design savvy.  But Meg is unusual in that she works incredibly hard at all of these, and does so in an effort to light the lives of those around her, particularly women.  She isn't in it for the glory; she is in it to spread the love.

I was first drawn to Meg's Instagram account and then her blog.  She was the first "fitness" social media guru who actually made me feel inspired AND good about myself at the same time.  That is no easy feat!  Her workouts, food recommendations, and more are all geared to help women become stronger and healthier, sure; but even better, she wants each woman to accept herself for who she is, to remain balanced, and to not give in to society's dictates on what a well-rounded, healthy woman looks like.  As Meg says, "healthy looks different for everyone."

Meg shares about some times in her life where she struggled greatly with the weaknesses of her perfectionism.  During these times, she compared herself too much and too often to the girls around her and struggled with her self-confidence. Despite looking like she was on the top of her game from the outside, Meg felt everything but that on the inside.  For a good while, Meg tried to stuff down the talents she possessed out of fear of not measuring up, as well due to her experiences of getting made fun of by her peers for being good at something.

But as a young adult, she learned to shed those voices and strove to accept herself, work on her gifts, and then share them with the world in hopes to help other women discover and share their own talents as well.  Meg also talks about how her work as a pediatric nurse has also inspired her balance-minded focus.  Finally, Meg speaks more about what inspired her interview series, The MOMSTRONG Project and what she has learned from the remarkable people she has interviewed.   Truly, this woman has a heart of gold and I can't wait for you to hear more!

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Show Notes:
Small Seed website for free Light the World downloads.
Meg's website, blog, and Instagram


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