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Friday, December 2, 2016

It's been a few weeks since I shared some positive things I found on the internet.  That is for two reasons: 1) With all my new "hobbies," I have had even less time to actually read much, which is something I'd like to change! 2) The internet wasn't really a happy place around the election . . . Am I right?!

So, let's bring it back!

Here are some things I read recently that made me have
a little more faith in humanity:

1) You all know what I fan I am of Hungry Runner Girl...  This post was excellent because of what she shares on HOW to talk back to negative thoughts, obsessiveness, or self-doubts.  Spoiler: you ask yourself, "What good is it going to do?"

2) I love what my friend posted about 8 Things Your Child Should Know By 8 Years Old.  It is short, not-preachy, and helpful.  (Also, check out her Gilmore Girls inspired photo shoot and a sweeeeet story with her husband!)

3) I am trying to make this Christmas way less about spending money on presents and more about service, including donating to worthy causes.  This article of a woman you left her must-million dollar events business for a charity she founded blew my mind.

4) Speaking of service, I recently learned about Go Jane Give.  This is like gofundme for worthy causes.  You volunteer of your talents and interested to create a fundraiser that matches what you are willing to provide (teaching lessons on baking, classes on rock climbing, hosting birthday parties, art, etc.).  The money goes to a worthy, credible cause of your choice.  I have created one myself but am feeling a little nervous about posting it...  But I hereby promise to do that on by early next week!

5) I know I am slow to really take advantage of what The Small Seed has to offer; however, I finally took the time to peruse their actual website.  This article really spoke to my heart and reminded me to be grateful for the body I have.

I also printed off their free downloads for the #LightTheWorld campaign, including a giant tree for our little family to add service-star to, as well as a calendar that gives you a little service to do each day of December.  It's not too late to start, even if that ends up being next week!

What positive things have you recently found on the world wide web?


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