How to Get an Anthro Dress for Cheap

Monday, January 30, 2017

I recently did a little post on Instagram wearing a new dress, and I got a few requests about where I got it.  I felt really sheepish answering, "Anthropologie."  Because honestly, that store is ridiculously expensive and I have bought approximately three things from there, all from clearance.

This dress was no exception.  It was $40.

Let me tell you how I got it.

It was originally marked for over $200.  I saw it on clearance a few months ago when my friend and I browsed the new Anthropologie in our town. (It's giant and so, so beautiful!  They basically make you feel rich and like you have much more money than you do.)  This dress was marked down to $80, which was still too much--so I walked away.

But then I went back a few weeks later to return something else I had bought for cheap that first visit (don't you dare get anything full price!) and saw this dress.  I just had to try it on again.  And when I did, I noticed that the buttons were not attached right on the sleeves, that there were little rips that needed to be sewn in order for the buttons to work.

So I did what I usually do--I marched up to the sales counter, showed them the problem, and asked what they could do about it.  "How about another 50% off?" replied the manager.

Yep.  Sold!  That's how I left the store with this dress in hand, practically skipping to my car.

I love this dress because it has beautiful beaded detailing on the bodice, it's fitted where I like it to be (high waist!), and flows everywhere else.  Perfect for a mom bod!

A month prior, I made my first real purchase from Anthropologie doing the same thing, but this time with a shirt had some make up on it--and I got an additional 30% off the 40% off they were already doing that day for sales items.

Here are my tips for fellow fashion-lovers-who-are-cheap, but fall in love with items at fancy stores:

1) Go to the Sales Section (I know this isn't anything new...)
2) Go ONLY when they have a higher percentage additionally off the sales (I'm talking 40-50% off, minimum)
3) Find something that you love, but also needs fixing
4) ASK about it, nicely but with CONFIDENCE

The worst thing that can happen is they'll say no, and you can walk away. I've done this at J. Crew and Madewell, too.  I haven't been turned down yet.  I've returned items that I've worn a few times and washed, but that ripped (not my fault, mind you) or got too baggy, too quick at Madewell and Gap.  It never hurts to ask!

Oh, and I've returned final sale items (that say they aren't returnable) that I purchased online.  I've called a few times at J. Crew and they've graciously approved the return before I've shipped them back, but lately, I've just straight-up mailed them back without asking first because what are they going to do, ship them back to me?  (Please don't hate me, fancy stores!)

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  1. That dress is beautiful! I don't own anything from Anthropologie. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that. And I love your tips for getting a good deal!

  2. I am so glad you love scoring a good deal as much as I do. You can get crazy amazing deals at Anthro if you're in the right place at the right time! And I totally agree. Don't buy off the sale rack unless you're getting an extra percentage off the sale price!! The dress you got looks absolutely lovely on you. P.S. I've been catching up on your podcast and I am just loving it!! You're awesome.


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