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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Have you ever met a teenager who you felt sure would change the world?

Lucy Siale is that teen to me.

Lucy might be just 16 years old, but she has the wisdom and power of someone much, much older.  Lucy is a poet, writer, activist, singer, among other things, and above all she is a champion of acceptance of others.  But for many dark years, Lucy could not accept herself.

When you see Lucy's social media feed, she is powerful, real, and unapologetic.  When you see her in real life, she is all that but also warm, inviting, open, and kind.  Lucy is both of these, and she is this way for a reason.

In this podcast, Lucy shares her hard life experiences that created a young teen full of self-hatred and doubt, and one ridden by an obsessive drive of perfectionism.  She describes the terrible lows she one through as a result, as well as the turning points toward her reclaiming her life.

Lucy's fight for activism is her way of reclaiming the things life took away from her; it's her way of reclaiming that for others.

(PS: you've got to stick around to hear her life-changing poem at the end.)

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Song Credit: "Sweet Promise" by Nicolai Heidlas


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