My "Mantra" and a Few Goals for 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

My goals for 2017 ended up being a list of 30+.  So, it's fitting that my "mantra" for this year is PRIORITIZE. For me, this means putting first things first.  

I am sure that I am not the only one who struggles with this, how we allow something that doesn't matter that much take up the time for something that matters more.  Sometimes, much more.

When I procrastinate, I usually just fill up my "busyness" with things that shouldn't take as high a priority.  We are all so SO busy, but it really is a choice what we get done each day and how we prioritize what we ultimately focus on.  That's why I want to refocus and make sure I am spending my time more on the things that matter most to me each day--including what is more needful of getting done--and doing this things first.

So, I did my best to prioritize that long list of goals and narrow them down to the three most important areas (which you can see in my above photo).  I already shared how I plan on improving my parenting.  Today, I'd like to spend this post talking about my two other big goals.

1) Monetize Blog/Podcast: There.  I said it.  I need money in order to make these ventures worthwhile of the great time I invest into them both daily.

I love both.  They have equally held value in my life that surpasses money. But these are not cheap hobbies.

Blogging isn't as bad--I only have to pay for my site server.  But podcasting?  Well, that has been a beast.  I have monthly subscriptions to all kinds of things to keep that thing running, let alone the equipment that I needed in order to get started in the first place.  (Same goes with interior design.)

I love these "passion projects" so, so much.  But in order to make them worth the stress, emotional energy, and endless hours they require to produce, I at least want to break-even.  Seriously--that's my goal.  If I can get them to pay for themselves by the end of the year, I feel that it will be worthwhile for me to continue.

Here's the rub though: I still want to stay true to my original purpose behind starting both: sharing goodness, encouraging progress, being real.  If I take on a sponsor (I foresee this happening more with the podcast than the blog, honestly), then it will be something that is related to my purpose.  I will NEVER take something on because they involve free products or dollar signs.  That is just not in alignment with what my blog/podcast are about.  I can't say, "LOVE YOURSELF!" one day, and then sell a fat-shrinking supplement the next.

But I can see my linking to Audible, sharpies (got to make those goal posters), or other related things. I have no idea what those things are yet (clearly!), but this is the year to figure that out and get these hobbies at least paying for themselves.  The "How" here?

a) Stay consistent (posting 3Xweek on the blog, weekly for the podcast)
b) Build a bigger audience (which entails actually trying to learn the Instagram game)
c) Create good content that people connect with

2) Increase Faith: If you've read some of my faith posts the past year, then you know this is a work-in-progress for me.

Not to toot my own horn here, but I'm pretty darn consistent about reading my scriptures and conference talks, praying, and fairly good at regularly attending the temple.  These habits are pretty hard-wired into my make up.

However, my problem as of the past few years is the lack of hope I carry behind these practices.

I want to make this the year where I really buckle down in my spiritual focus and build a surer foundation to back up my decisions.  My biggest hope I carry with this goal is to feel like I'm in a two-way conversation with my Heavenly Parents, so that involves being worthy of receiving guidance from Them via the Holy Ghost, and recognizing that guidance (that's a toughie for me!).

My "How?"

a) Direct my spiritual study to learning more on the topic, "personal revelation"
b) Read other spiritual books that build up my faith
c) Write in my journal consistently (and briefly!) to record my spiritual journey, any promptings I felt like I received, and as a sort of meditation

There you have it!  I'd love to hear what goals you have prioritized this year!  Please do share.


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