REVIEW of 2016 Goals

Thursday, January 5, 2017

On Monday, I shared my goals for improving my parenting this year.  That grander goal--becoming a better mama--is one of three that I narrowed down from maybe 30 goals.  And I keep thinking of more goals each day!  I'm not great at simplifying things like that, but I am still trying to primarily focus on three areas.

Before I share the remaining 2/3 of those areas (tomorrow--because this post still got lengthy somehow), I want to review the goals I shared here for 2016 and give myself a letter-grade (like I did partway through the year).

1) LOOK my kids in the eye: I am glad that I set this goal at the beginning of the year, because it really, really inspired me to get down at my kids' level.  I have to admit though, that I was all over the place with this one.  I am a thinker, so even if I'm not distracted by devices or chores, I'm thinking away in my little head.  I'd like to keep working on this, but I am fairly happy with my progress here.  Grade: B-

2) Get better at Mommy TIME-OUTS: While I haven't strictly put myself in time out, I think I have been returning to some of my old ways of being more patient with my kids and taking more mental time-outs.  This looks like me talking to myself before I burst out in anger--and trying to actually listen to those voices in my head telling me to breathe, or use a softer voice and a nicer face while saying the same thing.  I still have a ways to go though, because parenthood continues to show me that I'm not near as patient as I thought I was when I started 5 1/2 years ago.  Grade: C+

3) Be a better GIRLFRIEND TO MY HUSBAND: Again, another mixed bag here.  Overall, Brad and I are doing better at treating each other like romantic partners, not just roommates.  It's something we have to keep checking in about though and upping the ante again, as old habits die hard.  Having a date night scheduled for every other week has been super helpful.  I'm tempted to make it every week and going without some amazon purchases that always sneak in.  All told though, I'd say we grew a lot this year!  Grade: B

4) Run a MARATHON for fun, not for time: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!  Yep.  Didn't happen.  I have to excuse myself on this one.  You see, I pulled my achilles chasing my runaway daughter at the zoo in April, and then I had every foot problem imaginable for the six months that followed.  That alone was very difficult for me mentally, but I forced myself to like walking and strength training.  And then in October, I was told two days apart that I need surgery on extra bones in my foot by one doctor, and that I can't ever run (or do other high impact activity) for the rest of my life by another...

Wow.  I definitely didn't see that all coming this year.  If this had happened to me even a year ago, I would be lying in my bed depressed for months.  Running (and other high impact exercise) is a huge part of my identity, and it's gone now.  (#Dramatic!)  But Monica of 2016, I am SO proud of you!  You cried for a few weeks and then did your best to let it go.  You can now see me walking the trails with all the old ladies and doing at home.  Now you know why I'm trying to learn how to swim!  Grade: N/A

Tell me, how did your goals go last year?


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