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Thursday, February 9, 2017

My friend Baley is an incredible photographer.  She also has a bright, cheery, fun style that absolutely matches her personality!  But she was running into some trouble with her living room.

She already had a gray couch that she needed to use, a hutch, and a mirror.  But other than that, she had an almost empty space that left her scratching her head.   

Oh, and this happens to be the first room you see as you enter their home.

As such, it's not a room where the TV would be, it needed to be welcoming and pretty, but it also needed to be functional too--a place for reading, playing games, and hanging out with family (including their 2 year old!) and friends.

So, I did what I do--talked Baley's brains out and then came up with a plan for her.  

Baley wanted COLOR, but enough classic furniture pieces to keep things tied together.  She was in love with a dalmatian-printed chair, too, and just needed some assistance on blending the room together so it wouldn't be so disjointed.

We decided on a color scheme of grays, deep blues, and touches of pinks and yellows. I created a few design boards for her, incorporating the things she already had in her room (note the real-life pictures included in the boards).  I normally do just one board for a client, but the biggest thing that hinged this room seemed to come down to the rug.  We wanted the rug to be a bit more classic so it could transition to multiple styles that might come into play in their future; we wanted it to be fairly neutral (blues can be neutral!) but also have some fun elements to it; and we wanted it to help tie the room together.

So, no pressure.

I gave Baley these four options for rugs.  Which one would you choose if you had been in her shoes?

Option #1
Option #2

Option #3

Option #4
Baley is well on her way to getting this room together--they bought the settee, the dalmatian-print chair, and her husband made a bench.  The rug she chose ended up getting sold out, so we're back to square one with that.  Maybe it's time to reconsider our original options!

Once the room is completed, I'll give you some solid before and after photos!

If you're interested in my design services, please contact me!  I'm still offering a discounted rate.

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  1. I love this so much. So fun to read and see on your blog. You have been SOOOO helpful! I wish that rug hadn't sold out!


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