Anne Cropper || Overcoming Shame with Connection

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

“The more you spend time with people and are able to communicate with them what you are feeling . . . the more logic and reason come back into your life.”

Meet your new best friend, Anne Cropper. Anne is one of those people who takes you in, makes you laugh, makes you cry, and gives you some good fashion, food, and house tips on the side.  She is a resounding writer and Instagrammer whose main goal is connection.

Anne learned the power of connection as she faced a difficult adjustment to motherhood followed by the stresses of raising five very different children, as well as her struggles with both antepartum and postpartum depression.  She learned that letting people in is essential in overpowering the shame that fuels mental illness. By being open, Anne seeks to help other women know that they are not alone in their struggles, even if it's the struggle of taking your kids to McDonald's for the second time that week.

Anne also shares how she is the "Jane of all trades, master of none," how she views social media, why it's important to post both the bad and the beautiful, how she and her husband have had rounds of role reversals while their family business takes off, and what she has learned to let go of.

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Show Notes
Anne's blog and Instagram
Her family's company, Bio Skin (USE PROGRESS20 FOR 20% OFF!)
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Song Credit: "Sweet Promise" by Nicolai Heidlas


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