Becki and Kyle Jones: Fighting Mental Illness, Together

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"This isn't something you chose.  This is a disease your body has."

Kyle is a physician in Utah who is very open about his long history with anxiety and depression.  These bouts started as a teen and came and went with intensity throughout his 14 year marriage to Becki, who has also dealt with circumstantial depression while they were in the stressful years of medical school.

Kyle speaks from both a doctor and patient's point of view, having the physiological know-how about what is happening with the brain when someone is under the grasps of depression/anxiety; but he also has intimate knowledge with what it feels like to be on the other side of the stethoscope.  He does his best to empower both his patients who struggle with mental illness, but also with his fellow physicians, who carry even greater stigmas as a result of them trying to live up to their "superman" role.

Kyle and Becki both share how depression/anxiety can be so interwoven with guilt, shame, and perfectionism. Becki declares herself as a "non-perfectionist," so she lends a unique voice to this discussion for those like her, as loved ones who struggle to better support their partners in the trenches with mental illness. Becki especially highlights the importance of the supporter not getting sucked in so much that they can no longer care for themselves, in addition to their loved one.

This wonderful couple talks about how they dealt with their bouts both separately (which was wise, at times), together, and how they are in turn helping others.  Kyle shares some of the important science behind mental illness, the importance of coupling both medication and cognitive therapy, and how depression/anxiety can display itself physiologically, or emotionally with feelings of sadness, anxiousness, or even anger.  Oh, and you'll want to hear what Becki and Kyle's biggest tip is for couples.

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