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Monday, March 13, 2017

I'm definitely not a fashion blogger, this you all know.  But I still love what a positive effect an outfit can have on me.  My clothes tend to be simple, but simple can be great!  Sometimes, me sharing the good things is going to include my favorite clothes as of late.

Today, I'm going to share my go-to way lately to change my day "mom look" into my night "going on a date" look.  

T-shirt // Jeans // Sneakers
My day job is being a stay-at-home mom, so I love a relaxed t-shirt paired with stretchy jeans and sneakers--all of which enables me to do my job, but still feel cute.  (I always wear earrings, too.)

But to change that to a night look, I LOVE blazers.  This one was my Christmas present (do NOT buy until it goes for at least 40% off, like I did--worth the wait).  I add some more sparkle with some cocktail earrings, put my ponytail higher into a bun (which I stink at doing, by the way), and add some booties and a fun color on my lips.  Done!
Blazer // Earrings (Similar) // Booties
What do you do to change your look from day to night?

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  1. I LOVE that blazer! Our looks are so similar ha ha. I'm all about that jeans and t-shirt with sneakers look during the day. Definitely my momiform!

  2. That blazer is so cute!!! I wish I could pull them off as well as you do!


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