It's the Little Things

Friday, March 17, 2017

It's time for a second round of me sharing the little things that have brought more joy into our day to day lives.  (None of this is sponsored, but the Amazon links are affiliate.  I'll always be clear about that!)

First up, my kids are pretty into puzzles.  My oldest could do huge puzzles all on her own at a very young age; but my baby right now is all about those smaller wooden ones.  I've been keeping them in a cupboard in our front room, and he has taken to scattering them all over the room.  I was getting pretty sick of putting them away.

My friend had this fantastic puzzle organizer at her house, and as soon as I got home I bought it.  It's fantastic!!!  Seriously.  If your kids like puzzles, you need at least one of these in your life.

Next, the Echo.  (Again, this isn't sponsored.)  Brad got this from his Christmas work party.  At first I was like, "Cool!  Well, let's sell it."  But the next day, he happened to set it up and I am SO glad we ended up keeping it.  We use it mostly for music (you can connect it to how you stream music, which is mainly Spotify for us).  It has a GREAT speaker!  The amount of happiness it has added to our lives to have Disney and broadway soundtracks streaming is immeasurable.  I'm not being dramatic.  I've even cried after dancing with my kids to the music because it's made us so happy.   You can also ask for the news, the weather, set timers (I used this multiple times a day with the kids, as in, "You have three minutes to clean up before bed!"), play games like 20 Questions, and much more.  I would spend my own money on it, it's that good.  Get it!

Finally, this sweater from Gap.  There are some clothing items that I look for and won't buy until I get the exact thing I'm wanting.  For example, it took me about 10 years to get an olive green military jacket that I wanted.  I've wanted a gray sweater for a few years--one that's thick knitted so it's warm and comfy, but NOT bulky. This one did it!  I love it so much that I wear it more days than not. . .  Thinking about getting the navy one, too.

What little things are adding joy to your life lately?


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