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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"Consider yourself a failure, and consider yourself in very good company [of people] who have done the same.  But the difference between them and everyone else is that they learned from that failure and kept on going, one foot in front of the other."

Matt calls himself a "regular guy," but I'm telling you he is anything but.  What makes him this way for me is his resilience and his refusal to play victim to the long fight he has had with anxiety and depression, as well as the huge trials he and his family have faced.

Matt talks about how for him anxiety started in high school and robbed him of important experiences and even friendships.  For a long time, he feared that he would have to live life only minimally, just to get by.  Six months after his depression and anxiety forced an early return from his LDS mission, Matt's father took his own life after suffering in silence with the same issues as Matt.  This devastating time shifted Matt's mindset about how to deal with mental illness, namely by using the power of speaking up about what we are going through instead allowing stigmas to rule our lives. Matt eventually returned and completed his mission, and he used that experience as a touchstone that he could do more than live minimally, even with his "dragons" to slay.

Now as a successful business and family man, Matt still finds ways to speak up and help others who are going through similar issues.  He carries an incredible perspective about doing what is right for him and his family, and he's not afraid to direct his choices accordingly (including within his career).  He speaks about how fear of failure drives so much of what we do and how to instead turn that to your benefit, how we can make our "dragons" our friends, how he has learned to be happy even when he is sad, what he did to better focus on his priorities of family over work, and much much more.

I think everyone and their dog should listen to this interview.  It's that good.
Within the next few months, Matt is going to launching Steelyard Academy with two other men, focusing on teaching primarily men how to have a balanced life.  I will let you know when they have that up and running--I'll be following along, too!

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Get in touch with Matt: steelyardacademy @ gmail . com (make sure you remove the spaces)
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