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Friday, March 24, 2017

May I confess something?  I've been feeling pretty darn blue this week.  Who knows why?  Lots of turmoil on the news, scary events in my extended family, and just some general anxiety I feel about the future and how unknown it is right now.  On the brighter side, I've found a few great things on the internet this past week that gave me things to think about, but gave me some hope!

1) Do you know Kara Goucher?  She is an elite runner who has had SO many setbacks.  I've been following her for years and years now.  This interview with her was incredible--she is VERY honest (last year, she fought back against a coach who strong-arms athletes to dope, which was a huge risk for her); she is passionate; and she has been through incredibly dramatic disappointments.  Even if you're not athletic, there is a lot to learn from her. (Oh, and she's a mom too!)

2) This article talks about how essential self-care is for a stay-at-home parent.  The thing that really hit me was at the end of the article, where the author talks about how you'd happily hire a nanny who was energized, fulfilled, and happy, but would be reticent to hire one who was tired, burnt out, and stressed.  In order to provide our children with better love, we need to practice self-care--and that usually means a little time away from the kids.  She goes through some great ideas and it's a quick read!  (Related, this podcast speaks about self-care and how to figure out what helps you the most!)

3) I had the honor of interviewing Sarah from Sassy Red Lipstick a few weeks ago for my podcast, and I love her all the more after seeing her recent post on her growing confidence in swimwear.  She writes about the "mental weight" we take on when we worry so much about what we look like, and how acceptance of our bodies frees us of that weight.  Sarah also shares what she does to gain that acceptance.  Another great read!  (Her interview with me, if you're interested!)

4) Related to my faith post from earlier this week, my friend referenced this incredible article her father wrote about how the LDS Church will never be perfect (nor any church, for that matter).  It was just what I needed this week and I highly recommend it!

Please share what positive things you've found around the internet lately!


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