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Friday, March 31, 2017

A little later today, but here are a few articles I read the past week that had me thinking, educated, and hopeful.

1) I have found that the more short-tempered I am with my kids, the more distracted I have been.  I loved this article about how that really is the case, and how our tendency to get distracted by both technology, our "to-do lists," and our work, we are not allowing ourselves to be the parent our kids need us to be.  And when we do away with those distractions, then all of our lives are made better for it.

2) My goodness, this video essay brought me to tears.  This little girl's brother is disabled, and here is how she views him and what she loves about him.

3) Want to have a lasting AND happy marriage?  Mix up your date night.

4) What it looks like when nobody loves you.  (It's another tear jerker!)


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