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Sunday, March 12, 2017

It's been a bit since I've shared some positive things I've found on the internet.  I just haven't had time to read much (I'm sure you can relate), so here's some great things I recently discovered that gave me a needed boost:

1) Feeling a little (or a lot) hopeless about the world we are living in? This article from Seth Smith really helped me out by reminding me of the dark times we have already faced in history, and how we survived.  (It also includes a great short video about Winston Churchill and his own struggle with depression.)

2) How should we talk to our kids about their body images and eating habits?  This podcast was excellent on giving insight on how to do just that.  I especially loved how to positively teach eating, responding to hunger cues, "cleaning their plate," and dealing with kids who ALWAYS want snacks.

3) Meg was on the show once, so I know she is very wise.  I really loved reading about her winter hacks--how to bring some cheer to counteract the winter blues we all experience.


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