Things I Want to Remember: Round 6

Thursday, March 2, 2017


It's been a while since I shared some things I want to remember about my kids.  7 months, actually.

So, before I forget, here are some things from them lately.

* She's grown so much lately, both in physical stature (getting so, so tall) and in her ability to cope with all things life.  Way to go, girl!
* Bella is passionate about art.  But she really struggle making mistakes.  The other day, she was panicking over some mistakes she made in her art.  So we took a look at some of her summer art teacher's paintings online and talked about how each one of them had mistakes in them that only the artist could see.  So she decided to paint like her teacher, took some crayons and paper outside, and colored what she saw.  It was a legit landscape scene (of our backyard), and it really blew me away.
* She wants friends over all afternoon every day.  Preferably, her neighbor that is a few years younger than her.

* This kid can be an absolute darling or a total devil.  The last few weeks, he's been more of the former.  (Phew!)  He relishes praying, "five fingers," having me cuddle him, and just like Bella, he wants friends over all the time.
* Brad was calling him by a nickname, and RG responded, "Don't call me that!  Call me 'Son.'"
* RG has a gang of friends at school, all boys.  He calls them "my guys," and tells me about their preschool antics (such as playing ninjas).  He has told me many times, "I don't like girls. I like boys." It's hard not to laugh, but I know what he's saying.

* 19 months old might as well be 19 years old.  He's SO big!  His hands are like baseball mitts, they are extra huge.  He is in the 96th percentile for height, but I'm even more curious about how his hands measure up to other kids his age...
* Bean has an obedient heart, but he's starting to become a tease.  He likes to halfway do something he knows is naughty and look at you with his eyebrows up, waiting for a reaction.
* He's starting to pick up on the squealing habits of his siblings.  Kind of not happy about this one, but who can blame the kid?  It's sort of a defense mechanism for him to use his high-pitch screaming when they're doing something he doesn't like.


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