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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

“I think that it’s so important to make that effort to try and not to worry so much about the result . . . The real satisfaction comes in the effort, not the outcome.”

You know my "Do Something" campaign, where I encourage people to try things that scare them?  That is Amy Nash's entire life story.

This woman has done so many incredible things that required courage and testing her limits: she has traveled around the world (including with kids!), graduated from law school, worked at a big firm, learned photography, and started a blog that will make you drool.

She's also had to deal with five failed adoptions among other though times that taught her to rely on her connections--family and friends--and power through with her optimism in tact.

Amy's sense of adventure has acted as the foundation for her life--and the foundation of her family--while her go-getter attitude has been coupled with a conscientious choice that what matters more than the destination is the path that got you there.

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