Rachel Gainer || Using Self-Love to Rebuild after Loss

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

"I had to find a new way.  And I had to stop believing that I could do it all by myself, that I could get through everything on my own."

Rachel Gainer was a lifelong perfectionist, until her world fell apart.  She struggled through infertility, she let "getting healthy" go too far, she was overworked and not taking care of herself, and then she and her husband suffered two devastating losses in a row: a failed adoption and then the death of their baby girl.  After adopting three more children, Rachel decided she needed to rebuild her life, and for her that meant surrendering control, getting rid of shame, and learning to love herself.

Rachel shares about how harshly she viewed herself for so many years, what her true motives were behind striving to be perfect, what she learned from the lowest lows a parent can experience, how her daughter's death pushed her to rethink the way she viewed herself and her body, and how it's taken her six years of hard work to begin to see herself becoming the woman she wanted to be.

You'll love what lessons this woman has to share with you, and her great bravery in her willingness to share her struggles and her weaknesses.

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  1. I am so grateful for this particular podcast. I am striving to change my perfectionist thinking, especially with disordered eating. I appreciated the insight that as we get older the variables increase, and we have less control over our lives. So grateful to have hope that my life can be filled with more peace and grace about myself. Thank you.


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