Technology: How to Use It, Not Abuse It

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How do you want your loved ones to remember you?  Your face illuminated by the light of a screen?

Of course not.  None of us do.

But we are ALL guilty of letting our devices distract us from what is most important.  If you've struggled from time to time with balancing your technology use, if you often feel sad, jealous, lonely, or apathetic, and if your devices are acting more as a task master than a tool, then it's time to refocus.

In today's podcast, two guests (Kim Christenson and Jamie Cook) and I share how to recognize when your technology use is out of control, and how to turn it back into a tool for your good.

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Show Notes:
Kim Christenson's referenced blogpost,  Instagram, and Podcast interview
Jamie Cook's Instagram and Podcast interview
Meg Mile's Instagram and past About Progress Podcast interview
Irresistible Podcast on Fresh Air
Irresistible Book
Simon Sinek's interview on Millennial and Internet Addiction
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  1. My favorite podcast thus far. Great tips without any judgement. Thank you!

    1. OH, that thrills me--thank you so much, Kristine! I was nervous about this one.

  2. I really enjoyed this episode as well-enough to come look up the show notes. Thank you!


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