Things I Want to Remember, Round 7

Friday, April 28, 2017

Here's the latest round of things I want to remember about my kids!

* This girl has been such a trooper the past month.  After our spring break in Utah, she really struggled getting back in the swing of school.  So I took another week off for her, which was mostly spent going to little dr. appointments.  She's back to school this week and doing well!
* Bella has had so many tummy problems throughout her life, on top of other things.  We did dairy, soy, and nut free while she was an infant, but gradually re-introduced those things and she seemed to be fine.  But we're thinking that gluten is a problem for her so we tried a gluten-free diet.  Despite a really sad episode over a blueberry muffin she couldn't eat, she was so good about asking if things were gluten-free!  And sadly, we had a dr. tell us she actually has to eat gluten for two months before a certain test, so we're back on it.  But at least we know she can handle it!

*RG celebrated his 4th birthday on Monday!  He was definitely crazy throughout the day, but he rallied at night for his requested strawberry cake and presents.  He was so, so happy with the attention and kept saying, "Mom, I'm so lucky I'm turning 4!"
*He'll give me kisses right on the lips one day, and the next say, "I don't like kisses."  He cracks me up.
*RG is starting to really be sweet to his little brother.  But it's usually with him still bopping Bean on the head as much as he can; still, it's a huge improvement and I'm proud of him for taking his big brother responsibility more seriously.
*It's so interesting what RG is afraid of: some bugs, the dark, heights, and other things.  He's a pretty active kid and stereotypical boy in many ways, but he gets really scared over those things.

*I love how tightly this kid insists on holding my hand and that he still likes me to be right by him as much as possible.  I'll take it!
*Bean is starting to be an independent toddler too though, and has been getting very frustrated when we can't understand what he wants, or when his siblings won't let him be.  He's so sweet though, that we all can handle the growling/screeching fairly well.  It's just a phase!
*He is looking like SUCH a big boy lately.  His clothes are already looking too small for him and he's gotten so tall.  I love his almond eyes and his sweet lips.  He's a little engineer and loves building things and taking things apart.  He loves to study what's happening around him, including how I clip him in to things.  Bean can already do those things himself!


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