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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"There are things you can do to rewire your brain.  It’s not going to be fun, it’s not going to be easy.  But can you choose to do them?  Yes.  And will they make your life better even in the midst of depression?  Absolutely."

Andy is a "happiness nerd" who loves to share what he's studied and put into practice.  His specialty is positive psychology, which researches the science of happy people and ways we can apply what they do and how they think.

In the first half of our interview, Andy shares some of his favorite things he's learned about positive psychology and ways we can apply these lessons in our own lives.  In the second half, Andy shares how his research has impacted his personal life through very difficult times where he needed all the tools he could get; those times included: divorce, remarriage, his wife's traumatic onset of mental illness two years into their marriage, and the following unraveling of the foundation of their lives, including the development of Andy's panic disorder.

Andy is a relatable friend and teacher, and he inspires hope for all those who will hear him out, that we are all capable of more happiness in our lives, even in the midst of inner turmoil.

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Show Notes:
Andy's Website (where you can learn more about his classes and read his fantastic blog)
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Andy's book
Referenced theories and books (some affiliate links): 
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   Learned Optimism
   Meditation site
   When Panic Attacks
   Via Strengths Survey
   The How of Happiness
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