My New Love for Dresses

Monday, May 8, 2017

Something weird is happening to me: I am loving dresses.

I've never been a huge dress gal.  I've had a few, but I've always favored jeans and t-shirts on weekdays and skirts/blouses for Sundays.  But the past few years, I've gradually collected more and more dresses and now that is what I primarily reach for on Sundays.  (Also, I'm wearing dresses on weekdays when it's HOT around here, because we don't have air conditioning. This is very new for me and making me so much happier, and (literally) cooler!)

For my casual dresses, I tend to do the opposite of form-fitting.  I like things as loose as possible.  But some Sundays, I reach for something like this dress from Harper and Bay--a dress that's a little more form-fitting, still comfy, but classic too.  And the color is a fun departure for me as well!

(Side note about this dress: Learn from me and never shop at 2 AM while you're nursing your baby . .   . I bought it (along with two others--face palm!) when the company was on Kickstarter and looking for dresses that I could nurse in, as my baby was a few months old.  This dress isn't being sold now, and I paid about half what it ended up going for.  To be honest, I'd love it a TON if the fabric hadn't immediately piled under that necklace, which I wore with it my first time. The fabric on this dress tended to get marked up easily.  Because of that, I've only worn it a few times since I basically have to style it the exact same each time.  I'm sure they've fixed things like that by now and I am tempted by a lot of the newer dresses. I still love this dress, though!  And I'd size up if you're thinking about the baseball dresses.  My Mediums fit like smalls.)   

You'll be seeing me wear a lot of dresses the next few hot months, and I'll be sure to share the good ones when I do!  I'm also going to make some because even those online boutique ones (where the same dresses are on different sites) are pricey and not well-made.  Looks like I made myself a goal!

Other ladies are sharing their Sunday outfits as of late--so check them out below!  And if you'd like to participate in this series, sign up either on Madeline or Kiana's blogs.

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  1. So cute! And Yes-- I think I'm going to become a dress person too. I just got a couple of new dresses and I was thinking, why am I not wearing these more than on Sunday!?! They are way cuter than my everyday clothes and much cooler in the summer.

  2. I love dresses! Especially in the summer. That one is so pretty on you!

  3. I remember their kickstarter! I didn't have a baby yet, but I thought it was such a good idea. Pretty much all I wear is dresses now, but I used to be a huge skirt and blouse person, so just another thing that we have in common I guess ha ha. I love the bright color though! I need to branch out with my colors.


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