Lauren Agostinelli-Gessel || Looking for Blessings Despite Chronic Illness

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"God didn’t take it away, but I have felt so many times that he has sent living angels to help me through, time and time again."

Lauren Agostinelli-Gessel has been through more in her young life than most do in an entire lifetime.  One week after getting married, she moved to Italy for months to receive a stem cell transplant and five rounds of chemotherapy.  This was a drastic measure to help with her vicious form of Multiple Sclerosis.

Lauren shares what led up to her diagnosis at 27 years old as a single mother of a two year old, how her fear of dying led to a marriage that wasn't right, what it was like divorcing with a little baby and a little boy while battling a debilitating disease, and how she found love again and married shortly before embarking on her intensive treatment in a foreign country.

M.S. is different for everyone.  Lauren talks openly about the physical side effects of her disease and how the hardest effects have been the mental and emotional.  And yet, Lauren looks for the blessings in spite of the very hard challenges life has dealt with her; she most often finds these blessings in those around her, her earthly angels.

You will not only learn so much, including how being dealt with hard life changes doesn't have to be the end of a happy life--you can look for the good and fight for your happiness.

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  1. Such a great episode Monica! Very inspirational!


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