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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

“Depression loves darkness . . . the only way to fight depression is to bring it into the light.”

I'm sure you read that article "Marriage Isn't For You" that circulated the internet a few years ago.  How am I so sure?  Because everyone read it, as in 100 million strong all over the world.

Seth Adam Smith is the author of that article, as well as four popular books (including his latest work of fiction!).  Seth talks about what it was like to have a VIRAL article and the three years-long mind trip it sent him on as he tried to live up to the internal and external pressure to keep writing pieces to resonate with millions.

Seth is much more than "the marriage guy" his article pegged him to be.  He's been writing for as long as he can remember. One of the common themes he writes about is depression, and he's been doing that long before it was the cool thing to do.

Seth has struggled with chronic depression since he was in third grade, and at his lowest low as a 20 year old, he attempted to commit suicide.  What has risen from his broken soul is completely transformative.  Seth has shifted his intense struggles to instead act as a force for good--or a "light in the wilderness," as he calls it--one that he holds high and proud, calling others to learn that life is worth living, and it is worth living well.

You won't want to miss what Seth says about how we all should want to be "broken," and how he blew my mind with his thoughts on perfectionism.  Please share this episode with anyone who you think can benefit.  (Hint: it's all of us!)

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