Summer Dresses for the Park Days!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Yep, I'm still talking about dresses.  But this time, I'm talking about ones you can get dirty and spend days and the park with kids.

It's hot where I live in Northern CA, and while the humidity isn't as tangible as other states, the heat definitely gets to your bones more than it does in my homestate, Utah.  I've finally learned to wear skirts in the summer (jean shorts are uncomfortable to me); but now that I'm not nursing I'm even going to go one step easier (and cuter) and wear comfy dresses.

I've made it my duty to find cheaper dresses that I can wear all summer long, ones that are loose, breathable, easy to wash, stretchy, and can get dirty.  I have a huge fascination with those Sonnet James dresses, but I can't pull the trigger on one of them because although they're supposed to be "play dresses," if I pay around $100 on a dress, I don't see myself feeling OK with rolling in the sand with my kids at the park.
I picked up a few dresses from Piper and Scoot when they were having a 30% sale a month ago, but since then, I've bought a few (even cheaper) dresses from Brickyard Buffalo.  My favorites from that store are the striped, short sleeve dresses (I got it in two colors), and I also like this one.  They come and go though, so make sure you keep checking back.  I've also checked out Jane a few times, but haven't bought anything yet.  Finally, I've ordered some great ones from Gap and Old Navy--but to be honest, the Old Navy ones ended  up all going back--either too tight, too short, or too weird of dart placement.  Wait until there's a 40% sale at those places and order a bunch to see what works, and send the rest back!

Most days this summer, you'll see me in a dress like this one below (surprisingly breezy--although I'm looking for the same dress with short sleeves), Birkenstocks, fancy earrings from Target clearance that make me happy, and my oh-so-functional backpack full of drinks and snacks. That's how we roll!

What are your go-to summer outfits?  Any dress recommendations that fit my needs and don't take the bank?

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  1. Dresses are the only way to live in summer, I agree!! I don't know how I survived before I discovered this.


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