Jeni Awerkamp: Valuing Who You Are First, Not What You Do

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

“It starts with who you are.  Then what you do comes so naturally, and so beautifully, that that is respected because you were who you are first.”

There is a reason Jeni Awerkamp's mom called her "Jeni Joy" growing up.  This woman radiates light and positivity!  Jeni's biggest key to her finding that joy is to focus on who she IS first, not what she produces.

This is a lesson Jeni learned after selling her interest in her rising business and transitioning to focusing full-time on motherhood.  She has a strong entrepreneurial, creative spirit and a passion for having goals and dreams; but Jeni discovered that for her, regardless of what she feels called to pursue (or not pursue), she needed to invest her self-worth in who she was at her core instead of placing her esteem on things, people, or achievements.

Jeni also shares the importance of filling our buckets, how she creates and pursues goals, and how much happier she has been once she's chosen to let her hair down and embrace the "yellow" side of her personality more often.

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Show Notes:
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