Emily Nelson: Empowering Yourself to Become the Best Version of You

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

“Come and give your all.  Don’t say, ‘I want to look this way . . .’ but, ‘I want to become the best version of myself.’”

Emily Nelson is one of the most high-energy women I've ever met.  And she puts that energy to good use as the co-creator and co-founder of HIGH Fitness, a workout that is taking North America by storm only 2 1/2 years from its conception.

In today's interview, Emily talks about how her growing up years inspired her to have a strong work ethic, what she did to get past her initial shyness, and the path she took after college that eventually led to creating a new fitness brand with her friend and business partner, Amber Zenith.  

Emily is passionate about their vision: to not just create a class, but a fitness community that inspires men and women to move past focusing on the exterior, and instead on becoming the best versions of themselves.  There is a reason why participants tell Emily every single day that her classes are changing their lives.

You'll also love hearing about what Emily thinks is the hardest challenge behind trying to balance life as an entrepreneur and a mother, why she and Amber are committed to not filling their feeds with sexy photos to increase their business, and how they have combatted the nay-sayers by staying true to their mission to inspire each person who is apart of the High Fitness community to live their best life.  

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