Elyse Beard and Ashley Aikele: Being Your Own Kind of Brave

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

“Bravery is being scared, it’s being afraid; but doing it anyway . . . It’s OK to be afraid of something, but own those feelings and rise above.”  

You think if you were the masterminds behind a magazine with "Bravery" in the title, that you would be a very courageous person.

Not so for these ladies.

Elyse Beard and Ashley Aikele both profess that they have let fear hold them back for far too long.  But when they had the idea to create a publication that inspires courage in children by sharing stories of brave women, they knew they had to be their own kind of brave.

To build something so monumental from nothing entailed a lot of letting go alongside a whole lot of work.  Elyse and Ashley talk about how they practiced "fake it 'til you make it," used their different talents, and now witnessing their vision take life.  Their dream is that ultimately this publication is far more than a magazine; it's a movement.

Elyse and Ashley share how a huge part of being your own kind of brave is figuring out what your "thing" is, and how even the process alone can demand a special kind of courage.  Ashley shares how perfectionism prevented her from following through with many ideas in the past; Elyse talks about how she couldn't figure out what talents she had to offer to the world and how unfulfilled she felt because of that struggle.  But these women have risen above their own fears, and shown us that if we dare to believe in ourselves, try new things, and even risk failure, we can create something life-changing.
Ashley and Family
Elyse and Family
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